Rottweiler puppies for sale

Hi Ridgeline Rottweiler, here’s some updated pictures of Maverick, red collar male from Hapis and senka litter born Oct 7th! He is doing amazing such a great puppy and loved so much! He is such a sweet boy and loves everyone! Everybody is always so amazed at his excellent temperament he’s 5 months now weighing 63 pounds, a big healthy boy 😊
Pittsfield MA

Dear Ridgeline Rottweiler,
Thank you for giving us this gorgeous boy!
He’s a star student at advanced obedience; needs a command once…
Happy New Year!

Hi Ridgeline Rottweiler, I have to thank you for this wonderful puppy. After my last Rottweiler past away 3 years ago, I did not think I would ever get another. I am so glad I did not pass this little guy up because it would have been a big mistake. He is such a wonderful dog. He is not only perfect looking but very, very smart too. At only 10 weeks he is sitting on command, walking nice on leash and always giving me attention. I just love him. He sits here by my side in my office and all my customers just love him. Everyone wants to know where he came from. He has no problem saying hello to everyone.I can`t thank you enough for this wonderful puppy. He is growing so fast.
Lansdale, PA.

Hi Ridgeline Rottweiler, I just wanted to send you a note regarding Measha. She was five months old this week and is just about the most beautiful dog I have ever seen. She is smart, energetic, well behaved and a social butterfly. My wife and I own a fairly large music school here in Southern Ontario and each afternoon following our walk Measha visits with the families of students in our halls. She is a hit with everyone. Thanks for your help in getting us together.
Lynn and Mccarty
Ontario Canada

Hi Ridgeline Rottweiler,
I mailed your copy of the sales agreement out today. We have named our puppy “Max” and he is doing great. He is growing so fast and is very smart. He loves to play tug and pounces on everything, especially my feet. He really likes to play with our other dog “Buddy” and the two have now bonded. We take him every where we can and he is such a good boy. Our first trip to the Vet will be this weekend. Hope to have some pics for you soon.

Hi Ridgeline Rottweiler, finally got a quiet moment to write! We picked up little Eva at 12-15 our time this afternoon. The plane was delayed because of some stormy activity. I thought the poor little girl would be “frazzled”. Boy, was I ever wrong!!! She walked out of her crate as though she had been travelling & flying all her life, I was amazed! She is an absolutely beautiful puppy, with a wonderful disposition, & a very friendly attitude. I am SO impressed with her demeanor, & so is Kelly, she LOVES her. Must say, she has more than her share of intelligence, once we got home, Kelly took her outside, & in about three minutes, taught her to sit! Yes!. There was Kelly, my daughter Sis, & two friends of mine, all there to greet her at the airport, everyone loves her, in fact, she just “bowled us all over”

Ridgeline Rottweiler,
Here is a picture of MAX he is now 8 months old and is doing AWESOME! Can’t wait to get another outstanding Rottweiler from you.
Thanks again,
New Jersey

Hi Ridgeline Rottweiler,
I saw your new website, it looks really nice. It reminded me I haven’t touched base in a while. I have Karina, who is 5 now, and Mieka, who will be 9 in March. They are the best dogs, great temperament, and have had no health issues at all. Mieka acts like a dog half her age. I was concerned that she is going to be 9, so I had a complete medical exam and blood tests done on her and she checked out perfectly.I hope all is well with you. You sure are still breeding wonderful puppies, I am glad to see that. Here are current pictures. Beautiful, aren’t they?
Brian J

Hey Ridgeline Rottweiler,
Don’t know if you remember me. This is Ryan from Chicago and you sold me a rotty last year. Anyway I thought I’d send you a picture of him. We named him Sam. He was the son of Freud do dragicevica. He has been a great dog. The thing that amazes me about him is his temperament. He is so good with my 3 year old daughter. She tugs, pulls, crawls on him, takes his bones, hugs him, kisses him and he just loves it. He never growls or has ever showed any sign of aggressiveness. He is extremely playful and is very friendly. However, he is a very alert dog and likes to patrol the yard. There’s usually never a time that I go out without someone saying how great he looks. He gets a load of compliments. He is just over 12 months now and he is a little over 105lbs. That seems about right for his age. He has very big boned legs and he seems like he will start filling out now. He has been healthy as a horse and we are definitely glad we went through you. I’m a strong believer in “You get what you pay for.” Anyway we’ll keep you updated. Thanks again.